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Community Authenticity Impact


Change has to be met with change. I’ll support your learning and development team create leadership change both at the individual and institutional levels.

Intelligence (CQ)

We believe that Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a pivotal force for promoting equitable, inclusive environments. In the current and future business landscape, the ability to collaborate effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds is not only a skill but a business and moral imperative. Our interventions center on elevating cultural awareness at personal, relational, team, and business levels, embracing a spectrum of cultures, including organizational, national, departmental, and team dynamics. Through our intercultural development initiatives, we empower businesses to not only bridge cultural gaps but also champion social justice, ensuring that services and products are designed and delivered with a commitment to equality. Join us in the pursuit of understanding and embracing diversity as an essential cornerstone for a socially just and interconnected business.


Specializing in creating powerful interventions that bridge the gap between leaders and business realities, our approach goes beyond conventional training. Together we dive deep into the intricacies of leadership transitions and capability building for a consistently uncertain world. From excelling in strategic leadership and understanding power dynamics to inclusive leadership, adaptive strategies, and systems thinking, our co-created programs cover a spectrum of crucial topics. With a focus on positive impact for the greater good, we firmly believe that effective leadership development must center on power and systems. Our mission is to empower leaders to be and do better by fostering an understanding of their systemic power, ensuring it is harnessed responsibly and not misused.

Ways to Engage

Build for Long-Term Impact

Design for Change and Emergence

Meet Leader Where They Are


I care deeply about this work. Which is why I work hand in hand with you to design long term learning programs aimed at quality not just quantity. I ensure that the way we work together + the way the program is designed lives into the desired state, lessons and themes the program is founded on. This work is about understanding the strategic changes in leadership and organisational culture you’re looking for, setting up interviews with employees to know their challenges + realities and designing a program that delivers on the strategic change and specifically works to meet the challenges and realities of the target audience.


If you already have a great training or session designed and need support delivering specific sessions, this is for you. Solid design can only meet its full potential when we meet participants where they are. This happens in the moment by taking what is coming up + how leaders are thinking and showing up in the session and turning them into learning moments, or learning in action. I specialize in facilitation + leadership tools that aim for deep learning. This includes knowledge of adaptive leadership, systems thinking, systemic change, an anti-racist lens, intercultural intelligence and an understanding of types and layers of power + power dynamics.


Along with overall program design, I know that a great program can only meet its objectives through flexible and emergent design. This is design that helps participants understand how they are showing up, change the way they lead, understand their work and how to meet strategic objectives by how they show up in addition to what they do. I bring in 15 years of facilitation and training into my session design which includes tools like experiential learning, improv, open space technology, liberating structures and more.


Brainstorming, game design, group coaching and more. Have a need, an idea or question on a service that’s not listed? Get in touch. There are many ways we can work together. Past clients have reached out for (really cool) things like creative brainstorming interventions and projects; intercultural intelligence cards design; leadership games design; book and journal collaborations.