Shiva Roofeh


Creating Community

I love creating spaces that build community. A space where people from around the world gather, share and learn together. It’s a fundamental part of living into my value of community.

Community spaces


a virtual community space for peoples from the global majority* to share and learn in community on topics that impact us. Past topics include: collectivism, grief and ancestral wisdoms. The Fireside are non-linear conversations where everyone is equally valued. *Some sessions are open to all identities.


a collective space for people from the global majority and global minority shares to learn together on a specific topic. Conversations are co-hosted with friend and fellow interculturalist Annelie Wambeek. Past topics include systems and systemic change, power and the realities + harms of supremacy mindset.

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Ancestral Wisdom Anthology

A collection of rituals, wisdoms, lessons, recipes, poems, stories and spells for and by the global majority. This anthology is a love letter to our ancestors, a coming home to our roots, an exploration of who we came from.

In a world that is constantly trying to erase the voices of BIPOC, to erase our histories, our contributions, our ways of being.. In this world, it’s a chance to tell our stories, through our lenses, our wisdoms, our ancestors. This is where we say no.. we will not forget, we will not assimilate, we will not erase, we will not dismiss.